Summer Swing Sessions (6 weeks) - Starts Monday 29th July
The Academy Buckley

Summer Swing Sessions (6 weeks) - Starts Monday 29th July

Course Overview

The evening will consist of three levels of work focusing on different aspects of swing dancing, from Jive to Lindy Hop! While there is progression throughout the 6 weeks, it is possible to miss sessions if you are away and still have success. 

7:00pm - Beginner Level (No complex moves or acrobatics!)
This session will primarily focus on single-step moves ideal for rock 'n roll Jive, East Coast Swing, and more. It will consist of various basic turns and moves built up over the 6 weeks to make you look like you have been dancing since the 1950s! 

8:00pm - Improver Level (Some complexity but no aerial work)
This session will focus on extra highlight moves to add to your existing swing work and explore different timings such as 8-count, triple steps, kicks and more. It is ideal for those wanting to take things to the next level without getting too complex.

9:00pm - Experienced Level 
This session will focus on more advanced, and iconic moves such as the Swing out, kicks, some basic lifts as well as additions to take your swing dancing to the next level


    Pay as you go: £15 per couple per evening (Cash or card on the night - check for space availability before attending)
    Full Course: £75 per couple (1 sessions FREE - can be used for the whole evening) - Advanced booking only.

    Regular price £75.00 £0.00 Unit price per

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