EXPERIENCED Sessions - Starts Monday 9th January 9:00pm
The Academy Buckley

EXPERIENCED Sessions - Starts Monday 9th January 9:00pm

 This course allows you to develop more intricate moves while developing deeper understanding of interaction between lead & follow as well as style and technique to add an extra level to your dancing.

Skills required:
A very good understanding of all the basic principles of weight transfer, lead & follow and connection as well as being able to differentiate between the different rhythms and work through basic moves and turns without any trouble.

Completed the following courses (or equivalent):

  • Beginner Levels 1 & 2
  • Improver Levels 1-3   

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    Pay as you go: £15 per couple per evening (Cash or card on the night)
    Full Course: £60 per couple (2 sessions FREE) - Advanced booking only

  • 30 minute duration
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