8 Lesson Voucher
Aspirations Dance

8 Lesson Voucher

Get ready to dance the night away with our 8 Lesson Voucher!

Perfect for those who love a bit of flexibility, this voucher gives you the freedom to drop in and out of dance classes whenever you please. Make sure to check in at the front desk with your surname each time you attend, even if we know you, to avoid any mix-ups in our busy classes.

Say goodbye to physical vouchers, as attendance is all recorded on our computer system. And the best part? You'll save a whopping £30 on the regular price of individual admission. With this voucher, each lesson can be used for admission for you and your partner, so you don't have to buy separate ones.

If you know you'll attend every session then booking our 6 week course online is still the best option as that will get you even better savings.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to perfect your moves and save some cash. Book now and let's dance!


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