Wedding First Dance

Your personal dance teacher will gently ease you into your first steps and will patiently work with you to ensure a successful first dance in front of all your friends and family!

  • You choose a song and we choreograph a dance to fit.
  • Ideal for complete beginners and the very nervous!
  • Over 25 years experience including TV work.

The lessons are delivered in a relaxed and friendly way with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment and are ideal for complete beginners


  • Start lessons about 8 weeks in advance of the date
  • If possible, join one of our courses before taking private lessons (This allows you a chance to work through some of the basic movements beforehand so you can focus on highlights and style)
  • Choose your song based on what it means to you NOT on how easy you think the dance will be. We can work out something for every song and slow songs are not always easier to dance to than faster songs.

Although it is difficult to assess the amount of work that you might need until you have been to a lesson, below is a rough guide to what you might expect so that you can plan in advance:

  • Standard dance, including a start, small routine with highlights and an ending: Approximately 5 sessions
  • Full choreographed dance with major highlights (drops, dips, spins, etc): Approximately 10 sessions
  • Full show routine for the complete extrovert! Approximately 20 sessions  

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