Course Levels

All of our early courses run for 6 weeks but there is a linked progression so you can continue to move up the levels for as long as you want to keep learning!

This also allows you to repeat levels if you need to.

Early Levels (6 week courses)

  • Beginner Level 1 (Basic moves & Techniques)
  • Beginner Level 2 (Further moves, turns & rhythms)
  • Improver Level 1 (Additional moves and techniques)
  • Improver Level 2 (Deeper understanding of technical work)
  • Improver Level 3 (Further moves and techniques)

Later Levels (Durations can vary from 2 - 6 weeks)

  • Experienced (Additional moves, techniques & workshops)
  • Advanced (Advanced moves & workshops)
  • Expert (Deep techniques & complex moves)